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tv   Primetime Nightline  ABC  September 14, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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tonight on "primetime nightline" -- celebrity secrets. young girls found in the least expected places with promises they've got what it takes. >> ythey plucked you out of there. >> reporter: it's pure glamour. but desperate to make it big, they are easy prey. >> i could have gotten her. >> one summer inside the lives of four teenagers from the heartland, determined for success. >> why am i torturing myself? >> and what they learned? >> like, i got naked, taking pictures and then he did. >> about the price of fame. celebrity secrets, a model life, starts right now. >> reporter: good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. just a few steps from here tonight, young, beautiful women are walking the runways at new york's celebrated fashion week. each of them hoping she will become one of those familiar
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flawless faces showcased between the covers of fashion magazines. but as we see tonight, the story of how they get here is not so glamorous. many of them arrive naive teenagers plucked from the shopping malls of middle america. this summer, some of the new girls allowed us to follow them as they met up with a world they could not have possibly expected. here's abc's dan harris. >> reporter: what young girl, if only for a fleeting moment, hasn't dreamed of this? the mystique, the money, the magic of a model's life in new york city. being the "it" girl, treated like a princess. a living doll. like heidi, kate, top models who make millions of dollars a year
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prowling catwalks and posing in the pages of "vogue." and the journey to high fashion fame starts here. about as far as you can get from new york city, in suburban st. louis, with this pair. >> look at this guy. look at this guy. you see the other tall blond that just walked in the door? >> i think she was calling us. >> reporter: mary and jeff clarke are model scouts. >> let's hope we get someone today. >> we're looking for the 1%, the needle in the haystack, the 1 in a million. >> she's a bit young. but her mother is 5'10", 5'11", maybe. >> excuse me. excuse us. >> that's okay. thank you, though. >> are you sure? >> thank you. >> huh. i feel bad for the girl because maybe in her heart she had a dream to be a model. but you know, her mother just shut it down. >> reporter: it didn't work this time, but they have spotted
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girls in some very unlikely places. where are the craziest places you've found girls? >> pumpkin patches. >> pumpkin patch. a ferris wheel. dairy queen. we found a girl there. we follow people in cars. how tall are you? she's like, who are these people? we always say that if we actually talk about what we do, it sounds a little bit sketchy. >> we're professional stalkers. >> reporter: professional stalkers? >> absolutely. >> reporter: mary's scouting career skyrocketed when she found this young man in 1997. his name? ashton kutcher. >> it was a tuesday and we went to a place called the airliner in iowa city. i remember what he had on. he had on a flannel shirt, a shell necklace and a not so good frat boy kind of hair cut. i made a beeline towards him. >> reporter: his success was instant.
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>> it was like a lightning rod. it was like -- it changed both of our lives. >> pick and choose. >> reporter: when jeff and mary are on the hunt, the kind of beauty they're seeking is not obvious. is there something specific you're looking for, a facial structure, eye color? >> the first thing we notice is their height, obviously. >> yeah. >> you can be traditionally pretty or kind of the girl next door, but what we're looking for is somebody that stands out. beauty, with a twist. >> reporter: this summer, mary and jeff are grooming three new teen discoveries. malia was 15 when they spotted her at a cheesecake factory. hayley was 13 when she scouted mary and jeff, looking them up on the internet. and gwen was 13 when they saw her at an american eagle store in iowa. >> hi, i'm gwen carrier, i'm 5'9" and i'm in 4h and i show my
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cattle. >> reporter: the girls are living with mary and jeff for a few weeks at their home in suburban missouri. it's going to be a sort of model bootcamp. malia's mother drops her off. >> her dream is new york. so, we'll do whatever it takes for her to reach her goal. >> reporter: it's clear her whole family is invested in her success. >> just think how proud your mom will be when you're walking on a runway, in the magazine the first time. and then you can say, oh, mom, thank you for not buying those cupcakes. >> oh, my gosh. she is adorable. >> reporter: exploring their new digs is fun. >> that's your bed because she took that one. >> reporter: but this is not a slumber party this is tough business. at the end of this bootcamp, only one of these girls will be picked to go to new york city to start her modeling career.
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mary and jeff bring the girls to a big training session they're holding with other models they're developing. >> you need to be aware of your whole entire body. okay, babe. good. shoulders back. >> reporter: they learn how to walk on the runway. hayley seems to be a natural. >> nice. >> reporter: meanwhile, a photographer works first with malia -- >> perfect. >> reporter: and then with gwen. >> right there. good. >> reporter: posing and walking is important, but these girls will not get anywhere in the modeling game if they cannot get down to a very specific size. the deciding moment of this bootcamp will be when they are measured. >> i don't think people realize, i mean -- it really comes down to an inch or an inch and a half. there's so many beautiful girls and such a competitive world that in every day it's like, you're looking at the scales and you are tipping them. >> reporter: based largely on those measurements, mary and jeff will decide who makes the
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cut and is sent to new york city and who will be sent home. this is tough stuff. you're wrapping measuring tape around waists. >> you are so darn cute. it is the most delicate situation that we deal with. it's a body business. the reality is, they can't let themselves go. >> reporter: which is why these girls are on a bear bones diet. for 15-year-old malia, broccoli is a staple. >> it's my go-to food. >> reporter: and for 16-year-old hayley, it's egg whites. >> this usually keeps me pretty full. this with orange juice in the morning. if i need something, i need baby carrots, half an apple. >> feed me. i want some bread. >> reporter: they train like professional athletes. >> normally i go for two hours or 13 miles. >> i went through this thing, like, why am i torturing myself,
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and then i, like, i got my head back on straight and, like, extra determined. >> reporter: do you ever worry that you're pushing girls too far, to an unhealthy weight? >> i don't feel like we're pushing them to an unhealthy place because we so adamantly make them understand, you have to be healthy in this pursuit. >> reporter: while malia, hayley and gwen have a lot on the line here, so do mary and jeff. they invest an enormous amount of time, energy and money in these girls. when it works, you make 10% off of somebody for a long time. >> yes. yes. >> reporter: that's pretty good numbers. >> could be. >> yeah. >> reporter: when it works. >> when it works. >> reporter: the stakes are high for everybody. >> i'm putting off college. this is what i want. >> i want it bad. i want it more than anything. >> i'm ready to fight and do whatever i have to to get there. >> reporter: as decision time nears, though, the girls are worried that they haven't lost
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enough and the stress is mounting. >> getting harder and harder to lose weight and inches. >> reporter: finally, judgment day arrives. gwen is told she's not ready yet and she gets in her car to drive back to iowa. >> i have to tone my legs more and get my hips down. just got to keep working. i put off college to do this, so, it's my future now. >> reporter: now, it's the test of the tape for malia. >> pull your little shirt up just a little. 24 1/2. which i'm sure is down. it's okay. it's just so -- you can't be -- >> you can see mary and jeff try to figure out a way to delicately deliver the news to her. >> it takes time. you can't be -- >> reporter: malia has been cut.
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>> don't feel a need to rush. do you feel a need to rush? >> not really. >> reporter: the photograph er tells her to look at hayley for advice. >> you see hayley, kind of take you through more of the -- she can give you a lot of ideas. so, get changed and come on over. >> reporter: she's trying to stay strong but she is clearly upset. >> um -- i'm just doing whatever. i don't -- i don't know how to describe it. >> reporter: you can see her look resentfully at hayley, whose measurements meet the mark. hayley will now be heading to new york city. >> i'm really excited to go to new york. this is, like, my time and what i really want to do and i want to chase my dreams.
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"primetime nightline" celebrity secrets continues. >> reporter: the road to the pages of glossy fashion magazines runs right through suburban missouri, where three girls not yet out of high school have become friends while competing in a sort of model bootcamp. 16-year-old hayley wheeler has just gotten a big taste of how heartbreaking the world of modeling can be. watching her new friend malia react with bitter disappointment
10:15 pm
to the news that hayley is the only one ready to go to new york city. now hayley is about to enter a playing field even more competitive. there are no guarantees she will make it, but at least she's got a shot. >> i'm really excited to go to new york. >> we always tell her, you're a force to be reckoned with. she's something special. i can't wait to see everything that she does. >> reporter: in a matter of days, hayley will leave her tiny town in ohio for the big city. and this is going to be her roommate. 19-year-old ehren dorsey, who, just two days ago, quit her job as a housekeeper in st. charles, missouri, where she gets around in this old pickup truck and lives with her father. you were a maid? >> yeah. >> reporter: and they plucked you out of that? >> i was cleaning homes when they found me. >> reporter: cinderella. >> yeah. >> reporter: this is a picture the moment mary and jeff first
10:16 pm
found erin. with her shaiched head, she was exactly the kind of exotic beauty they covet. >> ehren is incredible. when you look at her, what you perceive her to be and who she really is -- i think are two very different things. >> reporter: no bootcamp necessary for ehren. they sent her straight to new york city. so, the idea of coming to new york and being a fashion model must have struck you as -- >> it was just like this unfathomable dream. >> reporter: in late june, that dream, a dream for so many american girls, comes true. she lands at laguardia airport after only the second plane ride of her life. her optimism and innocence is palpable. >> i was on the plane and i ran into this radio producer, ira glass, he has a talk show and stuff and we were talking and he was like, well, i'm going to give you my card because i might
10:17 pm
run into you and want to interview you. i was like, oh, my god. i've been to chicago, like, once. other than that, i've never been to a big city. >> reporter: it's only been five days since she was cleaning houses. >> it was a lot of manual labor. i cleaned probably five or six homes a day and they were big houses. but -- i still have bruises on my legs for washing floors and stuff. i just quit it last week. it was -- my last day was wednesday. >> reporter: and today is sunday. oh, my god! i've cried. i swear to god i've cried, like, five times. i've never had anything this good happen to me before and it's just crazy. is this it? >> reporter: ehren has arrived with $300 in her pocket which she thinks will last her a
10:18 pm
month. what she doesn't know is, she is already in debt. >> says the doorman will have a key for me. >> reporter: as is common industry practice, the plane ride she just took, the cab she rode in on and the apartment she's moving into is all being paid for by the modeling agency with money that she now owes the agency with interest. ehren will fully absorb all of that later, but for now, it all adrenaline. >> i'm here! >> watch out, watch out. >> reporter: while she explores the city -- >> taking the n train to 14th street and then getting on the l. >> reporter: taking the subway for the first time. hayley wheeler, fresh out of tenth grade, arrives in new york with her mother. >> i'm really excited. >> yeah? >> excited to get started. >> little nervous. big city. we're from, you know, small village. it's different.
10:19 pm
>> i feel like now i kind of know what to expect, about the go seeps and test shoots and everything, but -- just have a good time, keep busy. >> she's matured. >> reporter: she gets to the apartment in manhattan -- >> oh, it's not locked. >> reporter: where she meets ehren. >> hey. i'm going to hug you. >> how are you? >> reporter: right away, her first dose of reality. the living quarters for new models, known as model apartments, are none too glamorous. >> twsharing a twin bed. >> wow. >> reporter: she'll be sharing a twin bed with her mom who will spend some time here to keep an eye on hayley. >> i want to see how two weeks goes. if i feel like she can handle it -- i think she can. >> this is a map of all of the
10:20 pm
subways. >> reporter: hayley will have e he hren taking her under her wing. >> the power of having an attractive female but having an attractive face, men run at you. i always smile or nod or whatever, if it's not like, totally revolting what they say. >> reporter: as it turns out, ehren has a lot of hard lessons to impart. the realities of making it as a model are starting to set in for her. >> the impression is this smooth, beautiful, dream-like experience for everyone. you know, and it's not that at all. >> reporter: the $300 ehren arrives with are already gone. >> grocery store down the block from us or there's whole foods. i don't know what -- >> okay. >> i mean, i'm cheap, so. >> reporter: and like most models, she must now rely on her modeling agency to stay afloat. >> i've never been in debt before all my life, i have kept
10:21 pm
myself out of debt. so, this is the first time i've ever borrowed money from people and it just feels really weird to me. they advance you for everything. and when i make money, i'll just pay them back but right now i'm basically unemployed. >> reporter: how do you eat? >> they give you pocket money every week. so, i have $120 every week for food and stuff. >> reporter: so, in a sense, it's, right now, a little bit of endentured serve tuesday. >> yeah. very much so. >> reporter: ehren is already hungry, lonely and vulnerable to the ecosystem in new york city populated by people that are all too ready to take advantage of teenage models. and next, what can happen to young models when they are young, beautiful and broke. >> reporter: you consider this as part of your business operation? >> yeah, big time. male announcer ] minivans from around here aren't as reliable as ones engineered overseas.
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just a few days into her new life in new york city and 16-year-old hayley wheeler is refining her look. >> how are you? nice to meet you. welcome to new york. >> reporter: getting a new hairdo at the request of her modeling agency, which has booked this appointment for her. hayley is experiencing genuine success. very's booking paying photo
10:26 pm
shoots, though she's still sleeping on the twin bed. so you're making money? >> yes, i've been making money. >> reporter: that's pretty big. >> yeah. >> okay, ehren. >> so nervous. >> it's okay. >> reporter: meanwhile, ehren dorsey has landed her first shoots, as well. >> oh, yeah. >> even more, more. good. >> reporter: but ehren is surprised to learn that many of the shoots she's doing are unpaid this is very common. >> so this is my book. turned out super cool. >> reporter: new models are often beautiful but broke. >> i'm trying to give myself a budget because i don't -- you take advances from the agency and they charge you 5% on top of that. >> reporter: she's low on cash and also lonely. she misses her family back home. >> i got homesick more quickly
10:27 pm
than i thought i was going to. i mean, that's hard, because, you are, you're here with people you don't know and you feel kind of stripped of a social network that you're used to having. >> reporter: many new models in this situation turn to a tempting but dubious lifeline. new york city's nightclubs. clubs need a lot of models around in order to attract rich male clients. and in order to attract the girls, the clubs dangle the offer of a free meal at a fancy restaurant. >> we all look like we're rich. that's the other thing. continuing that fantasy. we all know that we are, like, low on money and we need this meal. but we'll, like, eat it like we don't really care. oh, i guess i'll have that noodle. >> open up that rope. >> reporter: models tell us they often go straight from the free meal directly into a free night at the club. you are talking about a lot of girls who shouldn't be in clubs
10:28 pm
legally. >> oh, yeah. yeah. like, when they check our cards, like, i hand him a credit card and he'll be, like, thanks. >> reporter: this former model, who had a successful global career, says nightclubs can be dangerous places, where young models are exposed to underage drinking, drug abuse and men who may not have the best intentions. >> the chandanger is losing traf your own boundaries and morality. >> reporter: how so? >> well, you know, sex, drugs and rock and roll, basically, are the big values for the fashion industry. right? that's how we sell clothes. >> reporter: the access to the club, the fancy meals, even the rides around town, all of it is orchestrated by the fashion world's most secretive operators. young men, called model promo r promoters. this is isaiah and his crew. >> like a secret society. if you're not in it, you don't
10:29 pm
understand it. >> reporter: every day, they work this bench in manhattan's soho neighbor. >> amy. >> how are you? >> reporter: picking up models. this is where most of the modeling agencies and casting sessions take place. >> your office is next to my house. >> reporter: it's a great spot to pick up passing girls. >> a lot of older girls, they will avoid this area, because they know we're sitting here or they know there's promoters walking around here. >> i could have gotten her. definitely could have. sometimes they trust me, sometimes they don't. >> reporter: these guys are paid by the nightclubs to corral as many young models as possible. >> six figures? that i make a year? yeah, hell yeah. i told you that, if you're not making six figures, you're not doing it right. easily. we had a little party last night. >> reporter: he makes enough to afford this six grand a month apartment. how do the economics work? >> we get paid based on your quality and what you can bring to the table. >> reporter: quality of what?
10:30 pm
>> girls. >> reporter: if you had to guess, how many models do you think you have in your blackberry? >> 500. something like that. >> reporter: promoters can be very aggressive, as ehren is learning first hand. >> they'll be like, come get food with me. no, we'd rather not. well, come see a movie. okay, well, come party tonight. it's like, every chance they have, they try to take advantage of it. >> you have to really know yourself. >> and they always try to get my number. they don't have it yet. i'm off the grid right now. >> reporter: but in a matter of days, she is firm wly on the gr and hanging around with isaiah. >> very discouraged that we go out with him because of the image that is associated with it and yet, we're poor, you know? and it's a free meal and a chance to have fun. so, it's just like, how do you choose? >> hi. >> reporter: it's ehren's agents
10:31 pm
who plucked her out of st. louis and brought her to new york, they would not be happy about this. >> the party promoters that want to get the models to the club, that's when my momma comes out in me and i just want to go, hey, back off. leave these girls alone. >> reporter: they are making money off of you. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: and they're smooth-talking guys. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: there is a bit of a pimp thing -- >> yeah, it's weird. it's really weird. i don't know how i feel about it at the end of the day. and it almost frustrates me when my agents say, well, the big girls, they don't need promoters. well, the big girls are making money. >> reporter: isaiah and his crew tell us they've heard about a new girl named hayley, but nay know her mom is with her and mothers are crypt night for promoters. >> i'm just starting to reach the surface of what that's all about. a lot of the models, they don't have a lot of money. they are trying to find a free
10:32 pm
meal if they can. it can be a dangerous life. that's the scary tihing for a mm and dad. >> reporter: you consider this part of your business operation? >> my apartment? >> reporter: the bedroom. >> a big part. of course. >> reporter: work gets done? >> gets done. >> reporter: for broke and lonely young models, the promoters often provide more than just a free male. it's also companionship. >> reporter: how would you describe your relationship with the girls or women? >> most of it is friendship. and the other half, you can use your imagination. that's how i work. >> reporter: half of them? >> as friendship or as -- what are you asking? >> reporter: half of them go beyond friendship? >> yeah, of course. >> reporter: that's -- okay, but that's a pretty large number. >> yeah. well -- yeah. yes. we don't have to get in detail with that, but of course. >> reporter: you could make an argument that you are using these women. >> and you can make an argument
10:33 pm
that they're using us. >> reporter: you feel comfortable looking in the mirror, going to bed at night with what you're doing? >> yeah. 100%. >> reporter: as hayley's mom prepares to leave her daughter behind in new york city -- >> going to be hard. >> reporter: promoters are one of her chief concerns. >> she has been approached. she's cordial, friendly, you know, with everybody, but just -- promoters. that you just have to be careful. and, you know, if you're of age, it's your choice if you want to go party. hayley knows why she's here. why? >> i'm here to work, not to party. >> that's really the bottom line. >> we got one for the apartment. self-defense spray. >> reporter: hayley's dad has come up, too. he givens his daughter self-defense spray, which he tucks under her teddy bear. >> she's a leader. she's going to do what's right. she better.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: it is a tearful good-bye. >> that first night was so rough, i'm not going to lie. i cried myself to sleep. >> reporter: hayley is alone now in a world where there are dangers greater than promoters, where she may be asked to do things her parents would never have imagined. up next, one model speaks out about how the industry expects girls to use sex to get ahead. >> like, i got naked and they were taking pictures, and then he got naked. huh.
10:35 pm
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are young models being asked to do things that are just too grown up? one model's advice to them, when "primetime nightline" celebrity secrets continues af
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
"primetime nightline" celebrity secrets continues. >> reporter: after two months in new york, ehren dorsey is drinking from the high fashion fire hose. this former tomboy who normally wears converse or combat boots is now learning how to walk the runway in high, high heels. >> this is about the average heel that they'll have you in. it's huge. >> reporter: she's practicing in her apartment building. >> so, your shoulders have to stay back and your arms have to stay straight and i'm almost falling. i laughed at models. oh, right, walking, it's so hard. but oh, my god, it's so hard. >> reporter: later, once she's mastered the still, she shows
10:40 pm
off for me. this is amazing. you're 5'11", wearing -- >> and you are still shorter than me. >> reporter: i might be taller. >> i don't think so. >> reporter: but this is mostly the kind of walking ehren is doing now. >> we're going to dazed and confused magazine. >> reporter: a new model needs to spend long days pounding the pavement, going from casting to casting, looking for work. >> literal little just walking in somewhere, walking all the way, meeting someone for ten minutes and then leaving and walking somewhere else. >> reporter: so, is this the sort of fairy tale you thought it was going to be? >> it is, still, in some sense. it really is. but it's a fairy tale with reality tied into it, you know? i mean, i do feel like a princess sometimes. >> reporter: long way from cleaning mcmansions. >> i know. yes. >> reporter:? s in st. louis. >> yeah. very different. i'm glad to be here. >> reporter: as she said, it is a fairy tale with reality tied in, and reality in this fast-paced new world can be tough. >> if you're not getting enough
10:41 pm
sleep you start to get circles under your eyes. >> reporter: though she's always been a free spirit, she is now keenly feeling the pressure to keep up her looks. >> i'm like, why do we push -- they don't naturally have that body. our skin -- they put us on pills so that we don't break out. >> reporter: they put you on pills? oh, yeah. for my skin. but the side effect is that you get nauseous and your skin gets dry. >> reporter: is it worth it? >> yes. because i will look perfect. that's all that matters. >> reporter: this eagerness to please has led her to make decisions she's not proud of, like agreeing to pose nude. >> people have asked me to do fuel nudty before and i have. i'm never going to do it again. i did it, i felt [ bleep ] weird and i don't want to do it again. >> reporter: she finds that the issue keeps coming up with the male photographers she's working with in ways that make her uncomfortable. >> i went to meet this guy and he just -- he asked me, he's
10:42 pm
like, so, i've heard you done topless and i was like, yeah. he kept looking. and it was that situation where you're like, my eyes are upp re. >> reporter: this is something we hear over and over in our time immersed in the world of fashion. young models who say they are put in compromising situations by older male photographers. >> every once in awhile you get something a little seedy and you just kind of think, am i in the right place right now? >> i was 17 years old and i was not comfortable. i was like, you know, look. me and you, there's no one else. i called my agent. >> reporter: the most troubles complaints we hear are from this former model. she encountered what she describes a system rampant with inappropriate behavior. >> these men that become photographers because they love sex and they love women. as far as how far they allow themselves to go with their
10:43 pm
vulgarity. that ranged from people who were, you know, really fatherly kind of, you know, prude behind the camera, to people that were literally, you know, touching themselves or whatever while they're taking pictures. >> reporter: you had men touching themselves while they're taking your picture? >> i remember in italy this one time who was, like, watching porno as we were shooting the magazine and he was, like, can you do that, can you lick your own nipple? >> reporter: she says her low point came during a shoot with a very famous photographer. she headed to that shoot having received some disturbing advice. >> go to the casting, do whatever it takes. this is a really famous photographer. >> reporter: do whatever it takes. >> do whatever it takes. >> reporter: and did you know what that meant? >> no. he was very clear with me that i was to do whatever was asked of
10:44 pm
me on this casting. >> reporter: she says she was not prepared for what came next. we have to warn you, the story she items is graphic and alarming. >> i was asked to give the photographer a [ bleep ]. i got naked, they were taking pictures. they were like, oh, yeah, grab your boobs. he got naked. grab my [ bleep ]. and i was like what? >> reporter: confused and scared, she says she complied. i gave the guy a [ bleep ] and i got the job. they were like, oh, we love you. you're going to be one of our girls. you're in the special club of girls that will do absolutely anything to get their picture taken. >> reporter: she decided that that was not a club she wanted to be a member of. the whole experience led her to question the industry. >> it was a turning point where i said, you know what, from now on, my body, my rules. >> reporter: less than a month since she left her home in tiny ohio, hayley wheeler says the
10:45 pm
photographers she's worked with have treated her very professionally. but this job does require her to work alone with men twice her age and to strike some rather provocative poses. this is fashion, after all. sex semis. >> pull it away from your teeth a little bit. cool. >> reporter: even as hayley pouts in some very womanly ways, little reminders of her young age still shine through. this is a girl who just turned 16. >> they've always told me that i have that sex appeal. >> reporter: you think people who see these pictures know that you sleep with a teddy bear? >> probably not. most people probably wouldn't think that. >> reporter: you're such a sweet kid and i look at pictures like this, i mean, that's a sexy look on your face and that is not a lot of clothing on the lower half of your body. as a kid, is that weird for you? >> i don't think so. i mean -- no.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: this look on your face here -- what do you think you're trying to communicate with that look? >> well -- i don't -- it's just, like -- this one was, i guess sexy look. >> reporter: the issue of how to manage her sexuality is a huge one. but both hayley and ehren have a more immediate concern. it's fashion week in new york city, when the biggest designers unveil their new lines. if a girl gets picked to walk, it can make her career. coming up, the moment of truth. will ehren or hayley walk the runways of new york. >> it's hard. it's really stressful. these nasal allergies are spoiling our picnic. i know what works differently than many other allergy medications. omnaris. omnaris, to the nose. did you know nasal symptoms like congestion can be caused by allergic inflammation? omnaris relieves your symptoms by fighting inflammation.
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fashion week in new york city. this is when the biggest designers in the world debut their new clothing lines. it's like the super bowl for models. >> speed it up, guys. who doesn't have makeup on? >> 45 minutes until first look. >> it launches new faces and it solidifies the models that you see in magazines. >> reporter: this is the scene. this is telling to me. everybody eefting the vegetables and the fruit. nobody's eating the cookies or the potato chips. models. my guides? seasoned model scouts mary and jeff clarke, introduce me to one of their girls, bethany, who is walking tonight. you know when models are walking down the runway and they have that sort of 1,000 yard stare it? looks like there's something really important on your mind. >> i think that's the goal. >> reporter: that's really
10:52 pm
funny. it always looks like they're thinking about geo-politics. >> reporter: mary and jeff think hayley can hit the runways too, but not quite yet. >> do you believe that hayley will walk the runways of new york fashion week? absolutely. we didn't think it was absolutely right this time. >> reporter: which is why hayley is back home in her small town of chardon, ohio where she and her parents have made a momentous decision. hayley is packing up her stuff, including that teddy bear, to move back to new york city to become a full-time model. this young woman who mixes doggedness, discipline and delicacy, has decided to leave high school and finish her courses online. >> when i put my mind to something, i can do it. i'm really determined and i'll give it all i've got. >> reporter: meanwhile, back in new york city, ehren is experiencing a right of passage for every new model. seeing her first published photo
10:53 pm
shoot. her page face on the pages of glossy magazine. >> i was really excited. this is a step, you know, step one, complete, be in a magazine. >> reporter: but it is not all roses. ehren's still struggling with the rejection inherent in this job. >> literally everything is personal. you have the object. if you don't get chosen, you feel that so much more. it's not just like, you're trying to be a carpenter, i failed at that bench. i am the bench and i failed. >> reporter: right now, she's waiting to hear if she'll get to grace the runways at fashion week. >> you keep them straight and you don't -- you don't want your torso to move at all. >> reporter: she's been practicing for weeks. >> i want to be this perfect stoic thing that looks really graceful. >> reporter: she thinks she has a chance for one designer in particular. >> i'm really hoping to get with alexander wang. he's been my end goal this entire time. >> reporter: just four days ago, she got the news she was
10:54 pm
dreading. >> i didn't end up getting the show because my harp's too short and he has more of a very femme min sort of spring, summer collection and i didn't match that look. and that's okay. but now it's -- just -- i'm just sort of kind of sitting around. >> reporter: as we sat with her in central park, not far away, they were doing the alexander wang show without her. >> i think i'm in this mode -- and i've heard a lot of girls get in it, where you take everything very personally after awhile. and it's weird because i can see that happening to me. >> reporter: even for this young woman with the tough exterior, the pain of rejection and the stress of being broke is starting to show. >> yeah, i'm tired. i'm emotionally drained. yeah, i'm tired. can we stop romming for a second? >> yeah. >> reporter: a few seconds later, ehren said we could turn
10:55 pm
the camera back on. >> i'm not going to be making any money. i had a big paycheck coming in but i -- i owed a lot of money so i'm not going to be getting any of that. >> reporter: she's still in debt to her modeling agency which is lending her the money for her apartment and her food. >> i don't want people's pity. it's just -- it's hard. it's really stressful. during the day, i'm this model doing really high end fashion stuff and then at night, during the week ends i'm, like, this poor girl living in new york. it's weird. it's like this emotional roller coaster, kind of. during the day, i'm fine and i'm happy and it's cool and then i come home and i stress about when i'm going to get food. >> reporter: mary and jeff say they're confident in ehren. she's going to paris in just a few weeks. >> there was one day when i was prepared to actually just go
10:56 pm
back home and pay off what i had already borrowed and just go back to, yeah, simple life. [ male announcer ] jet's pizza -- sterling heights, michigan. in here, food is inspected, perfected and occasionally rejected. with a customized mobile app developed with at&t, jet's food inspectors can share data in real time -- so what used to take two weeks, now takes two hours. faster feedback means better food and happy people. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. call at&t and see what we can do for your business. ♪
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and that's a model life. there's already a lively discussion going on about how young is too young for a girl to
10:59 pm
become a model? what do you think? tweet us @nightline or weigh in at i hope you'll join me for "nightline" later after your late local news where we'll meet the hottest new woman in fashion, who just happens to be a teenage boy. until then, i'm cynthia mcfadden. from all of us at abc nenews, thanks for watching and have a great evening. >> some stores are moving h our region right now. what is on tap for the weekend?


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